Friday, August 1, 2008

Why so serious?

Disclaimer: WARNING!!! The story below is PURE FICTION in MY WORLD!!! Any of them happened in the real MOVIES is just mere coincedence. (>O<)

Why so Serious?

Batman walks around the class. All of the student went very silent. His fierce face silent every single hooligan. Every single one is paying dear attention to him... Suddenly...

The Joker arrived.

"Hahaha... Hi Batman." He jumped across the room and stab the Batman at the heart. Batman bleeds to death. Before he dies, the joker whispered something t his ears...

"Why so SERIOUS?!!!" When Batman breath his last breath, the whole class cheered with joy. They know they hate being serious in the class... Tp them, THE JOKER IS THEIR SAVIOUR!!!

"Why so serious? Let's put a smile in that face!!!" THe joker walked out happily with the children.

In life, serious is always a good thing. However, with only the Batman in your heart is always a PAIN IN THE BUTT!!!

Sometimes, you need a Joker too. With a little naughtinest and laugh, you will make your life much more better!!!

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