Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ways of Eating Coned Ice Cream

I believe eeryone of you have eaten Ice cream... (Mmm.... Me love chocolate...) Anyway, I need to review of the ways of eating Ice Cream...

There is one kind people which like to eat the top first then to the bottom. They will first indulge into the creamy taste of the cream, filled with sweetness. However, at ast, near the end, there are no more cream but only the cone biscuits. I believe most of the people eat ice cream this way.

However, there are another kind, whereby the start eating from the bottom, gently rising to the top. They first suffer the hardness and crunchy feeling of the cone. Before it finished, they would finally get the taste of the sweet cream on the top. However, when they reach the top, some of the icecream will drip to the floor, making it impossible to eat. Soem even drop the whole ice cream on the floor.

These are 2 kind of people eating ice cream. Now, let us relate it to life. In life, there are harsh moments, and sweet moments. We can compare the harsh moments as the cone, and the sweet moments as the cream.

Most people prefer to suck all of the sweet essense of their life by go party all day and night. At last, they suffer at the end with harsh life and suffer with less income.

Then there is another people, they would preder to go their harsh life first by studying all day and night. At last, near the end, they have enjoyable life with high income etc. HOWEVER, life is always harsh till the end. These people won't have as much enjoyable life like the previous ones. Sometimes, their effort did not pay out either. They might also fail by dropping the whole cream on the ground.

So which kind of person are you?

Me? I'm the special type... First, I suck the top part of the delicious ice cream. But I did not finish all of it. Then I bite the crunchy bottom part. In the way, I felt some of the melted ice cream. So I suck the cream... Finally, I finish the ice cream with sweetness...

Hehe... Guess I'm not normal huh?

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