Thursday, September 10, 2009

The One Million Dollars dilenma...

I was just flipping around with the TV... And I notice one reality show... Before I go on, let me ask you a question...

If one person handed you a big pile of money... and there is no catche say ONE MILLION US dollars what would you do.

"Na si wa wu ji bat ban..." Haha... That stupid cantonese song just popped up my head. It says if I have one million bucks, I will sit an airplane... Travel the world... married a lot of times... Buy a bungallow... And much much more.

But this show hits the same scenario... This person give you 1 million... and..
You have to GIVE IT ALL AWAY!!!

This thing happen... When I bumped into one reality show which I consider as the most touching yet (which I believe) the most ridiculous thing I will do.

It is called... The Big Give. Maybe a pretty old show that some of you might have watch long time ago.

It is VERY different from other normal reality show... Other show, you love the drama... See people suffer by livinf in the middle of nowhere or eat spiders... Or even love the backstabbing players.

Here, 10 famous contestant were summon to this game. They have to OUTGIVE (That's a new term...) each other. You give the lowest (well judge by a few famous people) you go home.

And I thought this is ridiculous. Each week, different task was assigned to them... They were given cash and they need to give it all away... By giving it (materialy or cash or even just plain hard work and sweat) to strangers in America.

Just imagine, a person walks to you and give you some money... Pretty wierd huh?

Most of the challenge given is go to do some charity... In orphanage, hospitals, schools, old folks home... YOU NAME IT... and they give it.

But there is another motive of this show... Contestant also need to influence other people... (RICH PEOPLE) to give too.

In one episode, which I find it is the most interesting challenge in the game is each players were given 100,ooo USD. And they have to GIVE IT all away... O_o Wow... But there are more game rules too to make it harder, (cannot give an individual more than 500, and cannot give in cash...)

I just witness the finale... Where they go out nothing but the shirt on their backs. Or money... So they have to find money in their own ways. Very touching though.

I was thinking when do Malaysian can do the same thing. I still don't... unless i'm EXTREMELY RICH!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Jalur Gemilang dilenma...

Jalur Gemilang is our national flag... It represent our pride as Malaysians and the symbol of our freedom in Malaysia. Needless to say, we have our own unwritten rules on how to treat this piece of Malaysian Prize.


I found lots of contradiction about these... "unwritten rules".

As Malaysian, we know that we must respect our Jalur Gemilang. So we buy... We display... We... How we get ridof it again? After the Merdeka celebration, I was wondering how do we deal with these flags...

Do we..

A) Keep them until next year?
B) Throw them into the dustbin?
C) Burn them?

Well... according to the unwritten rules... It is D) None of the above...

Option A is a no-no... If we keep it, the colours of our national flag will be off... Then the next year or so, the flags will be lighter in colour and soon it will be near-to white...

Option B and C is also a big no no... According to our PM, we must respect our flags, so we cannot let them even touch the floor. We must fold them correctly if we don't need to use it. Hence, it is a crime to throw them into the big garbage bin... Needless to say, to burn them is like... Well... Hating your country.

So, with all of these explaination, what SHOULD we do after we buy and display the flag. The mysteries may remain unsolved unless somebody have the solution.

And so, we look into other area. The flags put up by the road side. The glorious long stripes of our Malaysia flags hanging on the lamp post along the road. Imagine how many of these flags has been put up onto the road... Just to celebrate Merdeka.

Question is... Have you ever imagine where do these flags gone after the Merdeka celebration?

Lastly, Happy independence day everyone...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Procrastination kills me... T_T

Yup... Some call me King of Procrastinate.. But this time, I really screw up big time. It represent my future, and I hope I don't screw it too much because of my foolish actions.

My trip to UK require me to do some things in order to go. And here's the top 3 bad example of what I'm doing now...

3. Visa Application.

It has been a while since I recieved the orders to register online for the Visa. Panicked now, I only start filling in the applications today. But I just found out I messed up by filling in the wrong info about Tier 4 General Sponsorship vs. Scholarship.

Unfortunately, I filled in the wrong one, making me one heck of a tension today.

2. Medical checkup

Now this is pretty serius... I was told to do a med-check up long time ago. I only went to the Putrajaya Clinic/Hospital last Friday. At that moment, I just found out i need to make appointment in order to perform the check up. And now, since the public university all around the Selangor and the Capital are also fighting for the check up. My Med Checkup was sceduled to be perform 31 July for the first test, and 4th August for the second test. Now I'm really on the edge now.

But nothing beats the devastation of number 1...

1. Letter of Good Conduct

It has been a while since I send the letter to Wisma Putra... Just to found out 3 weeks later, I havn't recieved any replies from them. Once again, Procrastination takes over as i'm lazy to lift my butt off the computer chair and drive to Wism Putra. After thinking a while, I do not have any photostated copy of the form and what will happen if the forms REALLY got lost before it reached Wisma Putra? I will never be able to get that in time. T_T After all, I'm doomed for sure if this worst case scenario happen in front of me.

Now I truly learn the devastating effects of Procrastination... I hope it really won't jeapordize my onein a lifetime shot to UK. I really do.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Farewell IPDA

The hardest thing in life must be saying goodbye to the ones you love... But that is not MY case though...=P

It was the last time I set my foot into IPDA, to get my passing result to UK. However, this might be the farewell I should say to all there.

Still remember the first time I set foot to IPDA. It may be the worst experiance for me, living in an "unhabitable condition". Although move to the hostel, other problems came together with it... Including food problem. Rough days... Rough days... And finally, I can say farewell to it try to forget it once and for all... =P

Anyway, to the serius part: The lecturers. Remember when I came to IPDA, I always ask for advice from them. Whether is academic, admin work, personal, or fooling around, they are always the best people to hang out with. Without them, I couldn't even fgo to UK. The feelings I grew for them is more than just plain appreciation, but more to indescribable warmness of the second home. Thank you all... I really could not have done it without them.

The second farewell, is to my juniors. I still remember when I am invovled with their Orientation. They were so innocent and kept bully by us all seniors. =P Good memories though. After that, we grew closer, and yet again, the boys in the block became somehow my closest frenz in the area. Room after room I knocked and "molest" them with words, giving them guidance, and also receiving back the pay on anime. It was wonderful. And to the 3 chinese dudes on the other block, wish you all best of luck. Lastly, my gratefulness and warmth to my "Tomboy" buddy, Hui Lin, I wish you the best of luck and become the true successor of Antonio the 2nd. I made a promise to all of my TESL juniors, that I MUST see them the next year in Portsmouth no matter how.

It is another kind of pain to say the final goodbye to them. I don't know how, but I'm sure deep in their hearts, they, including the lecturers and the other coursemates, will always have a piece of me in their hearts.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home Alone... *Lost Count*

I still remember the time when I watch the movie "Home Alone". And the there are 3 sequels continueing it. Hiwever, in my life, my home alone experiance beat that record...=P And I'm now in the "movie" too...

Mum and dad is off to Paris for their wheelchair basketball tournament... And it takes them about 2 weeks to return to my place. Now alone with my dreadful brother, I am given a duty as a 24 hour "nanny... Or should I say "Pappy".

Taking care really wasn't easy... but the fun part is still bossing around my bro to clean the dirty dishes and all. Kind of fun, but now I'm bored.

All alone in the house, my job is to handle things to be perfect... Like going to IPDA? It is hard when your "driver(s)" is gone to Paris, public transport is the last available option, as car park fees is way too high. And I'm seriusly not looking forward to the journey to IPDA. (Not the times AT IPDA)

Anyhow, call me a Butler... Maid... House-husband... Driver... Carrier... And "Lunch-man" as these are my duties when I'm Home Alone. I believe there are times when you guys will face in the future.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Transformer 2: Success or Fallen

It's movie time... The transformer 2 has become one of the biggest movie of all time. Spectacular visual effects... Combine with heart pounding action... There is simply no reason why many movie goers decide to rewatch this hit in the big screen.

In fact, this show has blown the 200 million barricade thanks to worldwide invasion of Fanatics to the cinema. Transformer has been my childhood show and I love it. The release of the first film makes me go... AW... But the next movie, to me, is 10 times way much better than the first. However, the conspiracy of this movie start off with the greatest battle of all...

Movie critics vs. Movie Goers

Why I say that? Apparently, many movie critics rate the movie an all time low! I was like WTH? According to, Transformer 2 received only 22% out of 100% of watchable rating.

I was like WHAT!!! But then again I bump into this article.

WARNING!!! THis Link contain Spoilers to the movie... If you have not watch it, it's better for you to watch the movie first, then look at this...

Don't read it if you have watch it...

After reading this, I just found out there are too many loopholes in the plot of the story. Thus, made the critics extremely angry...

May I add in... The movie contain sex jokes that might be a bad example for the little ones.

However, I still inssist to all to watch it because despite the cruel review, it is still definately worth watching... Actually, it still worth spending RM12 to the cinema.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Durian MADNESS!!!

As the Durian season reached it's high peak, Eating durian may be a norm for ALL Malaysian. Whether you are any race, Durian may Unite us all.

I overheard the news one day. It was a heart-pounding moment in the Parlimen, as rivals started stabbing at each other using quick words and offensive language. But right after that debate, there is a BIG Feast cortosy of the Jabatan Pertanian or something. At that moment, everyone is happily digged into the delicious taste of the Durian, Manggosteen (4got the spelling), Rambutan, Jackfruit and so on... They were eating and laughing together... As if they have totally forgotten the incident in the Parliment.

One day in the pasar though, "Durian-mongers" were selling durian all over the place, and it is crowded with civilians. Some people like to "Dabao", others want to eat live and laughing together. Me and my family also join in the crowd as we eat it like we are in a Durian Buffet!!!

But this is the hidden truth behind durian... DO you know the durian contain 27.09 calories per 100g? That is like... VERY FATTENING!!! So when you buy a 1 kg durian... You are eating 270 Calories... That is eating more than 1 normal Chocolate Bar.

Anyway, yesterday my Aunt bought a BIG sack of Durian... And my family ate it right after lunch. 4 pax finished the whole sack within 1 hour. Right now I don't dare to stand on the scale... T_T

But Hey!!! You only eat durian once a year in Malaysia... And I won't be eating it for the next 3 years, since I'm going to UK... T_T NO MORE DURIAN!!!