Monday, August 4, 2008

Volunteer Army

We have a talk today regarding about recruiting voluntery army. I have notice that the speaker have talk aout the advantages of entering... I find it...

1) Brainwashing
To me, it is actually brainwash people who listen to it. It say all about the good side of the army. Such as videos of skydiving, helding awesome weopon etc. However, it did not show the harshness of the training. The harsh reality that lies behind their lies.

2) Crap and Lies
I believe all that is publish there is a TOTAL LIE!!! Why? Do you honestly think they would spend billions of money on some amateur volunteer army to go parachuting and skydiving? Or even let an amateur to hold all sorts of guns and cannon. You must know how much the cost of the bullet and gunpowder.

3) The Biggest Risk
Why am I saying that? Put it this way. If the country is in trouble, like under attack or something... Who is going to help and fight? Are you able to run away like normal citizen even though you have sign up for this? And the most crucial, but harsh question... Are you willing to THROW your Life in the battlefield if you are DIA?

Based on these arguments, I believe they are just trying to pull members into the organization and yes... Certainly many stay back to become members.

But I wonder how many of them stayed beacuse of intrest of the Military? And howmany are fooled by their Crap and Lies and result of brainwashing?

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