Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bio Meat: An issue reminder...

Alrite guys... Recently, I bump into one manga which totally drags me into addiction... It is Science Fiction Manga, and it may protray something like that happn in the future. It entitled: Bio-Meat

It covers 2 (Actually 3) of the important issues and crisis we are facing today...

1. Rubish in the world...
We all know the wide spread use of plastic and hard-to recyle product has always been an issue to us. The compound within is far byond any micro-organism's reach to devour it. Hence, we create rubish everyday and it keeps on coming...

2. Livestock Shortage
Now to another issue in the world... The shortage of Livestock. We heard news that one day, our live stocks... Cows, Chicken, pigs... They WILL be gone in matter of years. If they can't reproduce as fast as we EAT!!! Hehehe...

To the Sci Fi part.. Bio-Meat.
In a future not so far from now, these hot issue has been worsen. To curb these issue, The Japanese goverment created one of the most awesome creation the world has ever seen. Bio-Meat

Using Genetic Engineering, The Japanese Scientist (who have foolishly call themselves God) created another Living Organism, call Bio-Meat. This creature, has the ability to devour anything tha throws to them, except for Metal and Glass. That means, plastics has become their food, and there's no more crisis for the case: Rubish is unable to go back to nature.

Besides, that, Bio-Meat act themselves as a Brand New Livestock. These Bio-Meat has the ability to reproduce themselves by dividing, like Amoebas. Moreover, shape like a turtle, it can be eaten. Thanks again to Science, artificial flavouring came to place... Making the store to sell something like this: "Bio-Meat - Cow Flavour". According to the manga, the taste is almost similar to an original cow. Plus, due to it's nature of reproducing themselves in a rapid pace, it became EXTREMELY CHEAP.

HOWEVER, due to it's ability, the goverment, secure them and put's them in a giant, farm, to breed and secure Bio-Meat from gettinfg into public... So no one can see it's true nature.

Here's the fun part:
There is an accident occurs in one of the Bio-Meat Farms... And these Bio-Meat break loose. That is when all Hell break lose. Due to it's ability to eat, they can eat ANYTHING except metal and Glass... When I say ANYTHING... You know what I mean... HUmans too!!!

And due to it's nature to reproduce by mitosis, it is hard to put them back in control... Do they?

After I read this manga, it let me realize another issue... Genetic Engineering.

Some people who claim themselves as God of the human world (aka Scientist) has tried everything they can to put themselves at a comfrotable life. Not knowing that God is watching. Eveything that you do, will always be watched by God... No matter what religion. And try to be God yourself, will only mean... Genecide.

This Sci-Fi opens my eyes to the horrile of Genetic Engineering and Bio-tech... A very good manga I may recomend to all. About the possible future... We might be facing.

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xxSZELINGxx said...

When you mention about Rubbish...I immediately thought of the movie Wall-E...u know...the rubbish that covers the whole Earth...SCARY!!

We need to do something people!!