Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blog + Mum = Disaster...

Someone please tell me I'm dreaming right now... Yesterday, my mum questioned me about what I normally do in blogspot.com... Well, I answered her the usual thing... But that changes everything!!!

My mum asked whether she can read it. Well of course I have to say yes... But that causes the disaster...

Let me ask you guys, you know my blogging style... Very Malaysian and pretty harsh sometimes. That is what I recieved the "Divine Angriness" from my mum.

She strongly comented (more like scolded) the usage of my words... You know... Those words such as "piss off", "F***ing", "A**hole". But I DO put up the "*" to censored the word right?

But sadly, she couldn't accept it and give me some of the longest lecture... Pity huh?

But hey... That's the fate wen your mum is a teacher...

Sorry ma... But I believe blog is suppose for one people to express your own feelings. The place where we can share our thoughts and opinions to others. The usage of those words are just my expression.

Well, I just hope no more lecture after this post is in... >_<

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