Monday, December 1, 2008

First World Politics...

It seems strange someone like mua talk about politics. But seriously, I have an opinion that cross through my mind for a sec.

As we all know, Malaysia is heading towards a new First World country era. 2020? Well, we can say we are 1st world by then, but REALITY CHECK PEOPLE!!!

We move to an example from a real first world country. Now, the whole new president of the United States... Barrack Obama.

In his quest to become president, he fought strong rivals, such as Hilarry Clinton and John Mc. Cain. Well, this is one thing I'm gonna highlight.

After he won, we can see the losing one, (Mc. Cain and Clinton) congratulate him. Without any grudge... At least in front of the public.

In Malaysia,... Ho no..... After the opposing party beat the goverment in the Election, what do they do? They will be EXTRA carefull on anything the winning party does. And through a HUGE MICROPHONE and expose it to the public... Hoping that next time, they will vote for them. Hmm... Food for thought huh?

Another example is when Obama chosing his Senate. As everyone knows, he chosen Hilary as the Secretary. May I refresh your mind that Hilary was beaten by Obama as the representative of the Democrats... And yet, Obama acknowledge her abilities, and choose her in an important post.

Anothe action that made me impress is, he even choose a Republican member as a Senate. Think about it... You choose an opposing party member to hold a position to lead your country. We can see he believes in that particular Republicans potential and let him have the post. We can see, he is doing for the sake of his country, and not for the sake of his party...

Let's see the situation in Malaysia... Hmm... When an opponent is found threaten to the Party's president position, what do they do? Ah... Good answer.... They kick them out from the party. (Remember MIC? There are many more cases, but I'm too lazy to put in.) They don't even bother acknowledge them and give them a strong post in the place...

And how about the opposing party? Haha... They don't even think about that. Have you know any opposing party holding even a small role in the cabnet... I think not.

Well, 2020? We can declare orself as 1st world country by then, but reality? Think again...


Anonymous said...

I read with much amusement concerning your thoughts on our current country's politics.

Obama's choices reveal his diplomacy side and his eagerness to rev up his foreign policies :)

Yes Malaysia has a long way to go still :)

xxSZELINGxx said...

Hmm...I seriously think Malaysia needs more Obamas...=)