Friday, September 26, 2008

-X Downloading... Access denied X-

CAUTION! A Virus has been detected... Proccessing... Access Denied! Please Try Again Later... LOSER!!!

Just kidding... Anyway, my time here is to talk about downloading stuff from the internet. Believe me, I just got something out of my mind yesterday.

My mum BUSTed me again for downloading anime videos yesterday. And I recieved a very... very... very... Long lecture. But here is some juice on what I heard...

...If you keep downloading from internet, your laptop will kena Virus one day...

This is todays issue. Will download shows from Internet will make your laptop vulnarable to Virus?

In my opinion, if you know the website well, and you have HARDCORE EVIDENCE the website hav no virus, nor the files you download has no virus... Then it is safe.

However, if Popup keep coming up from the website, you will surely ave to abandon that website, cause these popup may be harmful towards your laptop and computers...

Then, there is another thing, Download accelarators! It is a special programme to ease your download, by searching for user with the same programme and download from that.

This my friends, you better avoid it. If the the user your downloading from contain infectious Virus, then say bye bye to your machine... T_T

Then there is File sharing systems. Simplified language... Ares, Limewire etc. Aha... Here's a thought. These are some of the most simplest programme anybody prefer, cause to download something, by using search, you can straight away download it.

But you must remember, you are downloading it from others computer and laptop... If they have Virus, so can you. Take note.

Another way to make sure you are 100% virus proof... Is DON'T download!!! (That is my mum's warning, suggestion... You name it...)

However, we are teenagers... It is impossible laa... =P

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