Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mooncake Fest+ Fashion sense = Not my style...

I always love mooncake festival... But this year is a complete different story...

After I have been stay in the "minority side" T_T ... Plus did not get any sipport from my juniors...T_T I have been "welcomed" to walk a fashion show.

The theme for it is Wild, funny and mooncake festival. Honestly, I have completely forgotten about the theme which put me into this situation.

I start to find back the old Merchant costume. Win Chan brainstorm me with a wonderful idea. If wear in a right place, I look rich. However, if I wear inside out... I MAY look poor. (Do not underestimate the power of MAY)

So I gather as much coloured paper and old cotton and start pasting it on my shirt (which is inside out). I start to wonder why the heck I'm doing this.

Then, I create my own lantern... (BTW, I suppose to be a poor kid) I found a water bottle and start to produce a poor kid lantern. It is pretty cool, having the candle stick inside the bottle while the bottle can be open in the middle.

However, what makes me really embarresed is the flower hat... The one which brings me down the humiliation lane. My mind (who is intrested in anime) thinks that one of the theme is cute.

I am soo dead...

The other competator was way much better than me, but to my proud, among the guys, I maybe the best... (gee... thanks for the cheering up) The winner is actally a girl, who wears a Muscle man outfit as her shirt with a lot of fake hair on her arm pit... She difinately conquer the fashion show... And I who ran out of topic... Completely mocked by the judge...

What a night... What a night..

But the other activities is cool though... Esecially the play. (I always wanted to see my Senpai in women's costume... And it is totally HILARIOUS!!!)

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