Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Tale of the Fake King

Dissclaimer: This story is "PURELY" Fiction, should any resembles the character of the story is MERE COINCIDENCE!!!

Once upon a time, there live an enthustiatic guy. Although he is no ruler of the land, but many people call him "the King"... (This is way much better than The Rock from WWE). Unknown for the reasons though. However, others call him the fake King.

For one thing he is loved by the vilagers is because his sense of justice. Many said his words can even take down the goverment if they did not do the right thing. Even the Black in that country love him.

But things got a bit off hand when one day...

There was one bastard call Mad Mail, or short form M&M. He is an influencial personal and loyal to the REAL KING. However, he made one Huge mistake.

M&M have a talk with the locals in a marketplace. One of his words became one of the hottest topic. "Hey **** Negro***, go BACK where you belong... (If this statement hurt anyone, I am seriously truly sorry...) And that has cause a lot of trouble and fighting.

This situation has brought to the high court of the castle, where the real King is the judge. After a strong debate, he announce M&M NOT GUILTY. So this situation has got the nation goes into chaos.. Well most of the nation.

The fake King also heard about this situation... He quickly think of an idea, to get back the justice that all nation desearve.

Fake King began to right many scrolls of protest and copied it. Then, he spread it throughout the city. All to find back the justice the people wanted.

Listen to this, the people began preotest against the Real King. Having to loose support, the Real King began to think of something ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT...

The next day, the Real King send out his Royal Guards to capture the FAKE KING... Without going through trial, he sentenced execution towards him. He also caught 2 other leader of the protest and do the same thing towards them.

SHOCKINGLY, after hearing the news, the citizen in that country did not PROTEST even more... Instead, they cease most of their protest. Because they know...

The Kings words are more powerful than law... So his words can overrule the real Law.

Now the moral of this story... If the citizen wakes up and protest the goverment, surely the King would release the Fake King and peace will be restored. It will be even better if M&M is caught and sentence to jail...

Disclaimer: I REAPEAT MY STATEMENT!!! This story is "pure fiction"... Should anything happen in reality, it is "MERE COINCIDENCE"!!!

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