Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jogging with the cows... O_o

Yeah... You may call me lucky or just pure bad luck.

Yesterday, I went jogging (The main reason is to buy the bloody bus ticket)... On my way back to hostel... I saw a herd of cows crossing the road... And they are right in front of me. For like 2 metre's apart.

Of course... I kept my distance... To ensure my safety. At some point, a few older cows turn their head and stare at me... I was like... Stop on my tracks. If I continue jogging, the title for this blog may be "Chased by the cows" =P

Actually, it was an incredible experiance. I notice how the older cows treated the smaller cows. In that herd, the older cows stand in a circle, while the little cattle stays in the circle. It was a marvelous view I should say

At some point, one of the cow SHIT on the road. I was like... D**M. And the street crossing plot is even mind blowing. When the herd cross the road, the car stop for them. There was even one cow who one to KO the car. My jaw was open wide.

I don't know if these cow is under the care of some owner... Or a wild one... But this is just insane. This really is how nature assimulate with humans.

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