Friday, April 24, 2009

"Not-So" Happy Birthday Ma...

It is that time of the year again.... However this year, my mum seems to be having some not so happy moments and I would prefer to call it "One bad Birthday for her.

When I come back home from Jitra, it was 12 in the midnight. I called my mum... She picked me up. I made a mistake at this moment. I SHOULD have call my dad... That's Strike one fro Unhappiness... But also Foul 1 for happiness, cause I AM back to celebrate her Bday with her!!!

The next morning... She had to go to school. Teaching of course... (Hey it is just Firday). But it seems this is no ordinary Friday. The Headmistress held my mum up and booked her time until Late evening for a special Mathematic Workshop... It seems having an OT on your B-day makes that Strike 2

That's not all... Since it was her b-day, she recieved a B-day gift from Golden Screen Cinema, and thus, movie in he cinema is a perfect day. UNFORTUNATELY, my dad seems to lost track of time on his etra work. We promise to leave the house at 4. He came back at 4.30. That seriously impact a lot to my mum.

Have you read Roald Dahl's "Way Up to Heaven"? Well, unfortunately I have to undergo one of the scene where Mr. and Mrs. Foster Argue a lot about procrastination... Say duh to me... Neway, luckily after a while the fire between mum and dad subsidize... But the day is still young... And more to come.

After another Strike 3, we hit the cinema. A shocking scene happen. In that theatre, there was only 1 show which is NOT rated 18... Can you believe this? (Well there are others, but my mum do not like Malay, Japanese and Thai movies) I do not believe it... What the hell happen to our Malaysian Movie Rating system? Anyway, I got my bro coming with us... And I do not think "Confession of a Shopaholic" would be a family movie that OUR family like to watch (Mum is no Shopaholic, dad Detest Shopping... My bro do not like teen girl show... I, well let's just say I'm just following the majority =P)

Anyway, we manage to buy a ticket for tomorow on another good show... Knowing. Gonna watch it today and would be a Post-present for my mum from my bro.

So what did I gave for my ma? After a rough day, we scroll through Mid Valley, and I suddenly suggest something I never said before to my family: "Let's go to Manhattam Fish Market!!! I Belanja!!! Seriously..."

Well, that would be the only wonderful time for our family gathering... But the price issue... Hmm... Maybe I would have to eat bread for a couple of days but I may manage it. We enjoyed ourself at least... I mean, how can my family NOT enjoy a RM 100 meal?

I've done my part as a son for my mum. Well, this may be the first time I belanja this much for my family, and I most probably may not see them for the next 3 years... but at least the smile hanging on my mum's face that day is just priceless... (I seem to cry right now... Seriously) Maybe, I can still call this B-day a Happy one...

Happy Birthday Ma... I love you so much!!!

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