Saturday, April 4, 2009

Antique Bakery: Sooo.... Delicious!

Having some free time, i kinda stumble across this Korean movie call Antique Bakery. It is an adaptation of one Japanese manga. After I watch this... I felt soo... DELICIOUS!!!

The story is about a very very RICH man who hated cakes since he was a kid. The irony is he want to open a cake house... With the reason of having many female customer coming. Did I also mention he has a very rough love life? Besides that, he also has a dark past that was lock within his heart for a long time...

Anyway, to open a bakery he needs a pattessiere (Mind the speling...) It's just so nice he met an old classmate of his, who once confess love to him. Now the MOST intresting part is... That classmate is a GUY!!! A GAY MAN!!!

The four handsome guy (Clockwise from the top left): The rich dude, The gay guy, The cool security guard, and the boxer.

That triggers a very.. VERY funny storyline... On how this two "exes" work together to build up this Antique Bakery. Did I mention that gay is one of the best in the world? However he got kicked out by many famous bakeries because that gay has a power to make a straight guy to a GAY guy... Talk about... EWW!!! Hence he causes some mishaps with the boss and everything.

Then they hired an ex-boxer who is fond of cakes and sweet pastery. After tasting the delicious cake, he wanted to be the gay dude's apprentice. The last member of the bakery, who was the rich man's cool bodyguard, join them too... Until his coolness goes away when the gay virus has infiltrated him... O_o

4 handsome men, one bakery shop... A wonderful combination of delicious cakes and pasteries... A damn lot of gayness... Not to forget about the misadventure and life triggering story... And also a lot of hilarious scene... A wonderful movie.

5 stars!!!

Warning! For the boys who love their straightness... Please don't watch... You might become a gay after this.


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Bjay_Anime said...

Watched it Online...=P Sorry, but I did not download it...

Being-mel said...

Hey I watched it as well.

Yups it's a note-worthy movie, one of the very few Korean movies to discuss on homosexuality in such um...depths (?!)

I actually felt quite gelified watching :P