Thursday, September 10, 2009

The One Million Dollars dilenma...

I was just flipping around with the TV... And I notice one reality show... Before I go on, let me ask you a question...

If one person handed you a big pile of money... and there is no catche say ONE MILLION US dollars what would you do.

"Na si wa wu ji bat ban..." Haha... That stupid cantonese song just popped up my head. It says if I have one million bucks, I will sit an airplane... Travel the world... married a lot of times... Buy a bungallow... And much much more.

But this show hits the same scenario... This person give you 1 million... and..
You have to GIVE IT ALL AWAY!!!

This thing happen... When I bumped into one reality show which I consider as the most touching yet (which I believe) the most ridiculous thing I will do.

It is called... The Big Give. Maybe a pretty old show that some of you might have watch long time ago.

It is VERY different from other normal reality show... Other show, you love the drama... See people suffer by livinf in the middle of nowhere or eat spiders... Or even love the backstabbing players.

Here, 10 famous contestant were summon to this game. They have to OUTGIVE (That's a new term...) each other. You give the lowest (well judge by a few famous people) you go home.

And I thought this is ridiculous. Each week, different task was assigned to them... They were given cash and they need to give it all away... By giving it (materialy or cash or even just plain hard work and sweat) to strangers in America.

Just imagine, a person walks to you and give you some money... Pretty wierd huh?

Most of the challenge given is go to do some charity... In orphanage, hospitals, schools, old folks home... YOU NAME IT... and they give it.

But there is another motive of this show... Contestant also need to influence other people... (RICH PEOPLE) to give too.

In one episode, which I find it is the most interesting challenge in the game is each players were given 100,ooo USD. And they have to GIVE IT all away... O_o Wow... But there are more game rules too to make it harder, (cannot give an individual more than 500, and cannot give in cash...)

I just witness the finale... Where they go out nothing but the shirt on their backs. Or money... So they have to find money in their own ways. Very touching though.

I was thinking when do Malaysian can do the same thing. I still don't... unless i'm EXTREMELY RICH!!!


po n i said...

woi! it's not a cantonese song, it's HOKKIEN, ahahahah, that just showed that u're neither a canton nor a hokkien~! lol~!!!!

Adlyn Farouk said...

bin jun....just wanna kaccau u la haha