Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Farewell IPDA

The hardest thing in life must be saying goodbye to the ones you love... But that is not MY case though...=P

It was the last time I set my foot into IPDA, to get my passing result to UK. However, this might be the farewell I should say to all there.

Still remember the first time I set foot to IPDA. It may be the worst experiance for me, living in an "unhabitable condition". Although move to the hostel, other problems came together with it... Including food problem. Rough days... Rough days... And finally, I can say farewell to it try to forget it once and for all... =P

Anyway, to the serius part: The lecturers. Remember when I came to IPDA, I always ask for advice from them. Whether is academic, admin work, personal, or fooling around, they are always the best people to hang out with. Without them, I couldn't even fgo to UK. The feelings I grew for them is more than just plain appreciation, but more to indescribable warmness of the second home. Thank you all... I really could not have done it without them.

The second farewell, is to my juniors. I still remember when I am invovled with their Orientation. They were so innocent and kept bully by us all seniors. =P Good memories though. After that, we grew closer, and yet again, the boys in the block became somehow my closest frenz in the area. Room after room I knocked and "molest" them with words, giving them guidance, and also receiving back the pay on anime. It was wonderful. And to the 3 chinese dudes on the other block, wish you all best of luck. Lastly, my gratefulness and warmth to my "Tomboy" buddy, Hui Lin, I wish you the best of luck and become the true successor of Antonio the 2nd. I made a promise to all of my TESL juniors, that I MUST see them the next year in Portsmouth no matter how.

It is another kind of pain to say the final goodbye to them. I don't know how, but I'm sure deep in their hearts, they, including the lecturers and the other coursemates, will always have a piece of me in their hearts.

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Jacque said...

buddy, it's 'Hui LinG' la!!! anyway, I'll try to be a good successor, Antonio the 2nd... =P