Sunday, June 28, 2009

Durian MADNESS!!!

As the Durian season reached it's high peak, Eating durian may be a norm for ALL Malaysian. Whether you are any race, Durian may Unite us all.

I overheard the news one day. It was a heart-pounding moment in the Parlimen, as rivals started stabbing at each other using quick words and offensive language. But right after that debate, there is a BIG Feast cortosy of the Jabatan Pertanian or something. At that moment, everyone is happily digged into the delicious taste of the Durian, Manggosteen (4got the spelling), Rambutan, Jackfruit and so on... They were eating and laughing together... As if they have totally forgotten the incident in the Parliment.

One day in the pasar though, "Durian-mongers" were selling durian all over the place, and it is crowded with civilians. Some people like to "Dabao", others want to eat live and laughing together. Me and my family also join in the crowd as we eat it like we are in a Durian Buffet!!!

But this is the hidden truth behind durian... DO you know the durian contain 27.09 calories per 100g? That is like... VERY FATTENING!!! So when you buy a 1 kg durian... You are eating 270 Calories... That is eating more than 1 normal Chocolate Bar.

Anyway, yesterday my Aunt bought a BIG sack of Durian... And my family ate it right after lunch. 4 pax finished the whole sack within 1 hour. Right now I don't dare to stand on the scale... T_T

But Hey!!! You only eat durian once a year in Malaysia... And I won't be eating it for the next 3 years, since I'm going to UK... T_T NO MORE DURIAN!!!

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adlyn farouk said...

yeay, i just ate durian and yummmm...OISHIII XD