Monday, March 2, 2009

The Greed for Knowledge

I have opened another topic. The evil side of me. I call the new category <7>


I just finished presented my literature on a novel I have studied, Lord of the Flies. I love that story and do a lot of research for myself. So many research, that even the experts in the internet, (like Spark Notes and BookRags) did not even state the issue out.

And today, I presented my findings in front of the class. Pn. Zarina, my lecturer find it interesting and describe my presentation as "Very unique... Something different but correct... Very good"

I was happy... At the same time, I notice my classmates starts to copy my slides. Then I have to say an evil side of me emerge in my body.

I felt I am stupid... No, EXTREMELY STUPID on presenting my own creation to the class. Now that they have my points, I felt that they would most probably use my point in the exam or something.

I know this is wrong, but I truly got the feeling of regret, and a bit of hatred towards the others that got my unique point. It has become not unique anymore if I use it in my essay in exam, as all the others will use my point as well.

This is a very ad attitude of me, but at least i keep to myself and not saying it out. But then again, having to comit the sin Greed for Knowledge... I truly am... I want to become one of those unique people with wonderful ideas. The Greed has increwasing inside me, and I felt it is hard to control if this goes on.

Do I make the right decision on presenting? I don't know... but I shall see the result sooner in the exam. I really hope this is the suicidal move I made that may cost me to fail in the exam. I'm afraid...


xxSZELINGxx said...

I kinda understand that situation of yours. I guess that's how those professionals felt when their work is being plagiarised. But then, if you think on the positive side, you are actually educating others? Maybe as a student now, fighting for a place to further studies and all, we tend to be a lil'..selfish... But then when we r a teacher...the aim will be to teach others, no?

Anonymous said...

knowledge is best shared with others. and all the more if you find it precious to you. :) by presenting yours and finding that of others' ideas, you find that your idea bank grows much more. :)

That said, I itch to know what's this new idea that you presented.

Hoping all things are well with you.