Saturday, March 14, 2009

The "EYE" for Traveling... MATTA Fair

You all know I am a loyal servant to travelling... And the MATTA fair would be a paradise FOR ME!!!

That's right... MATTA Fair is now on in PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. It is the biggest event for those Malaysian who has something to do with Travelling as their hobby. ( (^o^)v ) Unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera there despite the famous event is on...

I would dare to say the crowd this year wasn't as big as the previous year... (Seriously... Last few years was a TOTAL Mayhem... Where human traffic is everywhere!) Maybe because of the Econimic Downfall... The people coming, according to my experiance, has dropped about 20% this year.

Despite the fact... I would still say the MATTA fair is still a big mayhem this year. The crowd there was unbelivable and there are promoters EVERYWHERE!!! I spotted a group of my high school friends there being the promoters in a travel Agent company.

MATTA fair as split itself to 2 parts: Domestic Travel and International Travel. This year, the Malaysian has done a fantastic job on creating a programme call "ZOOM Malaysia!" There we could see many booths and native state people promoting. I would not live this part... (Maybe cause I don't like Domestic Travel ) So let's move on to the International...

The International Department was given to 2 EXTREMELY LARGE Hall... Maybe cause too many people will be there. Many famous travelling company, such as MSL, Keris, Apple Travel etc are there... Say WOW to International Travel.

My mom (BTW, she is a travel maniac) booked a ticket to "Chang Ziang Shan Xia" (Long river Cruise) with my grandma. I, unfortunately, unable to go... T_T

Pretty shock of meeting my old friends there... They were promoting their company to the people. As a friend... (Unfortunately) I got "promoted" by them... Asking me to travel... Poor me... T_T (Nice to see you there Pei Voon, Jac, and Xiang Ling)

Besides that, LIVE concert and performance at the stage is also a huge event there... There are some band from Korea, Philipines are there to perform their gigs and rock the Exhibition!!! In Addition, some costume character from Dreamworld are giving joy to the young kids there...

MATTA fair is an EYE open place... GO there once in a while... There is still one day left on the remarkable 3 day event!!!

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