Friday, December 12, 2008

Trip 2: Cameron Highland

Yo guys... My second trip for this holiday season... And my destinaton? Cemron Highlands!!! Located right in the Titiwangsa mountain area, easy to find... Just of the main highway. Just follow the roadsign.

Day 1: The arrival
When we arrive, nothing much were done, except buying and eating vege in our hotel... Equitorial by the way.

Day 2: Flower sensation.
Due to my love of nature, (or at least I think I am), I am able to convince my mum to stop at Rose Valley: A garden (which you have to pay RM 4 to go in) where you can see tons of roses, flowers and cactus. It is simply amazing whe you see this rose. I love it!!! Check it out!!!

Beautiful huh? What you see is dofferent type of rose... Including a Black rose. Very pretty!!!

Then we off to a bee farm... Where we can see some exhibition and a bee box... about 20 cm from me... Which contain live bees!!!
Cool huh? Then we buy MORE vege at Kea farm. What made me suprise is... The corn bought at cameron is simply DELICIOUS!!!! So sweet until you can eat it RAW!!! Seriously I ate 3 corns raw. And I still miss the taste...

Day 3: Give some Umph for tea...

English tea to be exact... Travel through some of the narrowest and windiest sreets in Cameron, we reach to a Boh tea factory. Before that, I'm exicted with the view of the tea plantation and the workers...

Really marvelous... However, the other even more marvelous thing is the factory. Yup... The old tea factory is still running in good pace. And the place for tourist has been renovate onto a top-notch condition.

Nevertheless, I have my fun there in Cameron. Most of the time is enjoying the cool breeze there. Beside theplaces I mentioned, I think there is no more place to visit though. Anyway, it's good to feel the chill for a while and eat lots of veges until you keep on poo-ing.

So I give this place a 6 out of 10 stars!!!


xxSZELINGxx said...

BJay...did you try the srawberry milkshake and waffle...? Damn nice le...

Free Soul said...

Such beautiful roses..