Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Batman movies: Part 1 Legacy

"I'm gonna solve the most remarkable riddle.
Who is... Batman?"

Quoted from The Ridler (Jim Carrey) in Batman Forever.

As one of the DIE HARD FANS of the Mask Crusader, Batman was indeed one of my favorite movies since I was a kid. Till now, I'm still in love with Batman movies. So today I started to wiki-fied the film acrooss the years... From 1989 till 2008. The Batman I love...

1. Batman (1989): The start of the Legacy

The 1st Batman starred by an old actor, Micheal Keaton, was a big bang towards the nation.

As the first villain in the film, Joker (which is a mirror of me =P), starred by one of my favorite actor at that time, Jack Nicholson. It is pretty good but I was told by Wiki it is one of the best at that time.

2. Batman Return (1992): The Rise of the Legacy

Batman Returns return once again in the big screen when I was 2 y.o.

Again, Micheal Keaton take the role, along with his romantic lover / villain Catwomen, Michelle Pfeiffer in a love hate relationship.

But 1 is not enough, as Danny deVito, once a big star by that time take the role of Penguin. The Umbrella psycho short dude, was well portrayed by him. I have to admit it, sometimes, old school rocks too.

Moreover, the film will not be a success without this guy. Max Schreck is a corrupted buisnessman that accidentally create Catwoman. This guy is starred by Christopher Walken. Don't know him? This may refresh your memory.
Yup... The gay duo in Hairspray feat. John Travolta as the "she" =P And speaking of Hairspray...Check out Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Walken together again in Hairspray... Ha... Can you believe that the old Catwoman and his boss reunited in this pretty recent film?

Anyway, Batman Returns hits the Jackpot in that year... But not as popular as this one...

3. Batman Forever ( 1995): The Golden Age
Oh Yeah. This is one of Batman's golden age, as Micheal Keaton retired... Val Kilmer replaced his place as Batman. That's not all... The damsel in distress is played by a HOT superstar... Nicole Kidman. With a brand new Sidekick... Robin, by Chris o' Donnell...

Down to the villain... Since Batman is sooo God Damn Popular at that time... More and More Famous actor want to be in the show. Such as Tommy Lee Jones... Ha, the old Harvey Two Face still remains as one of my favorite outfit.

Not far away, one of my Favorite comedian of all times... Jim Carrey as one of the (supposingly) twisted villain, The Ridler. Can you believe it, MANY of my favorite happens to be in one of my favorite show!!!

Anyhow, this is the making of a new type of Batman Franchise... THe comedy franchise, and this film is suppose to be the peak in 1995. Actually... Comedy, does not fit the comic... Batman, and ended a big downfall later...

For the continuation of the Batman Film History, wait for me to Blog on Batman Movies: Part 2: The Downfall... Coming soon...


Anonymous said...

wah...very educational :)

i liked the catwoman when i was little. there was this scene where she was attacked by cats and then sewed her Catwoman costume from a tiny piece of latex. Until today, I can never answer the question of how such a small piece of latex can cover her whole body so stragetically. haha.

good post, nonetheless :P

xxSZELINGxx said...

I like ur post BJ...COOL!!