Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Even kopi o' fee goes up... =P

Oil price hike. Food Price climb... Even kopi o' goes UP!!!

I am serious guys. I happen to be in a situation like this.

Anyway, when I and my mother was strolling at the morning market. I err... went to the pirated VCD stall by the roadside. I went picking some of the coolest show of the season (Including Eagle Eye, Bangkok Dangrous) and I was ready to pay. To my horror...

One DVD is RM8!!!

I ask the vendor why. Last time I bought is RM 6. Now the increase of RM2 seems to be extreme. Well this is his reply...

"Aiya, I have to... The license fee in this area gone up. We have to give RM1000 to them in order to start our buisness."

May I translate some of terms in this sentence:

License fee: Kopi o' money.
Them: The big shot that catch that protect the city.

I was pretty shock at this reply. Nevertheless, I notice there were actually about 3 stalls selling pirated DVD in the market.

Think about it. If a stall in this particular morning market give kopi o' money of RM 1000 to theese big shots, think about how much they earn through this. Don't forget, there were those who selling in Night market too...

Aiyo... Welcome to Malaysia Ladies and Gentleman... Where the price of everything goes up... I MEAN EVERYTHING!!! =P

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