Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm back... From Total Anialation

Hi hi guys... Anyway, I'm just back from a national level choir competition, and I suffer total defeat. This is the story...

4 days before the competition, I was called that me and my friends were chosen to represent Kedah for this competition... Yes you hear me... 4 DAYS!!! Before the competition.

Time is not only the factor I'm lost. When we reach to the training spot, I found out that I am SINGING With Old ladies... Who had some broken voice. It is true we have a couple of Supranoes, but MAN HELL!!!

Most importantly, due to the old ladies, they can't produce any high quality voice. However, we thought we can match up with their song. However, they keep deleting the ,oves and grooves we had come up. At last, we done based on our pitching and eveness...

Thum Thum Thum!!!

The day of a Mock Presentation... I am absolutely Jaw OPENED!!! Almost... I mean ALMOST!!! every other teams from other states were singing like OPERA!!! And we are singing like hell...

We not just lose... We are in TOTAL defeat!!! However, it is an intresting experiance listening to the other groups... However, I won't enter this type of competition again, unless I know I'm in the "right" team!!!

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