Friday, October 3, 2008

Faster than Jackie Chan...

I believe many have watch Jackie's Rush Hour rite... Then presenting the new character in Rush Hour... Bjay Ang.

The evil HEP is about to take over (my) world. I must reach their evil base (IPDA) before they launch their diabolical plan at 0800 Sunday morning. (Recording me as Late).

I quickly held down the Thorn Wings (Durian Burung), my ride to IPDA at 2330 the night before. However, my Thorn Wings is stuck due to some long explosion... (Actually it is just traffic jam). After a very long wait... My ride arrived... (It is 0145)

I quickly call my driver to hit the Nitros and avoid the civilian. I was enjoying the ride as he dashed right through some dimm spot and avoid some unneccesary crash.

But I underestimate the power of time. After a rough ride, I reach my base in Jitra to equip my self with weapons. That was actually 0720. 40 minute to destruction.

I walked into the shower room to disguise myself (put on my clothes). After that, equip with various weapons in my bag, and set off to IPDA. It was 0740.

It was a bit bad to have some of IPDA's suboordinates to betray me. My spy in IPDA was driving the White Bus and pick me up. At last, I make it on time to stop the plan...

Very rush indeed, except to some fiction in my passage, it is really really RUSH like Hell!!!

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