Thursday, June 25, 2009

Over-reaction towards Excessive Weight~

It has been a while since I blog. But now, I need to talk about serius issues... MY serius issues.

Everyone knows that I'm suffering from Obesity. And this afternoon, I started thinking back some of my coursemates, even my frenz harsh critics towards my weight.

I remember back once during Sedim camping trip. We are about to cross the world highest Canopy walk in Kedah... And then, the issue came in... The instructor made a slight joke about the weight it can handle, and suddenly all eyes on ME!!!

I treated it as a joke... But as time goes by, the joke became FOR REAL to (what I observe) most of my coursemate.

When we are about to get onto the walk, many of them walk further and further away from me. It is as if, when I'm there, the bridge is going to fall or something.

That's not just it. When the other group came closing in... They lust for photo... (We are in a trip rite?) Then all of a sudden, comes a voice... "Stay rite where you are... I'm not going to die because of you..."

I have forgive that person and have forgotten who the Hell is he/she that said it... But the phrase is still carve deeply into my mind.

I just have a phrase to say this... Open your eyes to the world!!! (Dammit). Is it only me who weight THIS MUCH? And is my a little excess of weight (FYI: I'm just over 25kg of an average man in Malaysia) going to crash down a bridge? I'm not a GIGANTIC TRUCK you know...

Recently, I also receive comment about my weight... (Especially on Facebook... Who ate Chilli, they felt the hot laa...) I took a few quiz that related about weight, just for a few laugh for myself... And all of a sudden, it became a HOT topic to debate in Facebook... One word... WTF (Actually it is 3 words, but you ave the idea...)

Come on now, do you think I don't know that I'm Obese? Do I seriusly deserve suc HARSH statement from you guys to tell me that I'm FAT? NO!!!

If you don't know, I am undergoing an intense exercise routine everyday, with a brand new diet plan for myself. Although I screw up for today, (Cause go lepak-ing with my old frenz...), the plan is going quite smoothly.

I suffer everyday going to the gym and cried out for pain, and sometimes coming back with tears cause after the work, I did not lose any weight.

But there is one thing you all should know... I'm working Extremely hard to escape the discrimination some of you have for me. So watch out... It may not show extreme results before I fly to UK, but I am proud that I have done my part, and I don't need you guys to judge me for who I am!

(Epilouge: I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feeling, but I'm just expressing mine. I'm a human too, so I just need you guys to know how I felt. That's all. And Thank you very much if you manage to read until the end. >_<)

PS: I'm hoping my frenz can give some comment on this piece of work... Cause it took me quite some time to write it... =P


Being-mel said...

Goodness. The quote about the "die because of you thingie" is really too far.

Be optimistic; you could have changes in UK due to the tremendous walking and cold weather around!

And be patient too, gym work takes a lot of effort and quite a bit of time to see the results. And when you begin to see the results, you'll be hooked on :) A gym buddy would be useful for discipline purposes :)

woon said...

if u think u can, u can!!
i trust u ..
god bless..:)

so good k go UK,
i love london so much.:)

adlyn farouk said...

wow, what determination. you have to understand/know that we're all being annoyingly playful and hope you could laugh with us instead of us laughing at you. chillax dude.

xxSZELINGxx said...

Haha...dun worry...There will certainly be changes in UK with all the walking around. And make sure u r on a healthy diet k..=) dun bcome anorexia after that. =P

PS, good luck my friend.

Jacque said...

Gambate ne... =P
live healthily and happily o...