Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A taste of school...

As I'm going to become an English teacher... (Though my English is still a big pain) I have been put into School Experiance for 2 weeks. This SE programme really made me become more mature... And more Teacherly... (You can't stop thinking when students call you teacher... Or sir...)

Nevertheless, I have my fun time here, and I tried entring classes befor. FYI, the school here is labeled as... "Thoses students who are not able to go to other schools in the area of Kubang Pasu were forced to study here..."

I had a bad feeling at the first day, yet, to my suprise, the students were VERY friendly... No kidding. I had yet to see any students in my life that close to teachers. Sure their English profficiency was EXTREMELY HORRIBLE, but they were at least more polite than my old school!!!

Funny thing is... The teachers here is still the smae old same old... (Like complaining about some facilities... Sports Day problem... etc) Neverhteless, they were friendly and entertain us all the way in the 2 weeks. I felt the caring I recieved these 2 days were extremely overwhelming.

After this experiance, I am more sure of myself, I can do this... Sure, there certainly be some downside in every turns, but this is the road taken by me... And I don't regret it...


woon said...

if u think u k..u k..
sure u will be a good english teacher..
keep fighting!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that :-)