Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shoes vs. Leaders of the world...

Now the worlds top leader has a new enemy... SHOES!!!

Case 1:
Previously, we saw an awesome display of drama, action, in a "movie" call . We can see that during Bush'es speech, he was given a "tasty treat"... A Shoe in the FacE!!!

After this incident, there was a memorial in Iraq, where a shoe sculpture is made to remember the "Brilliant Chef" who prepare this wonderful delicacy to the ex US president...

Case 2:
Today, I notice another rip-off movie that change the character in the previous movie called

Being the "Second strongest country in the world", China's PM visit UK for a speech... Only to be found a protestor throwing shoe at him...

Unlike the previous movie, this one is a complete irony... The security guard kicked the protestor out. Then Wen Jia Bao siad... "This despicable behaviour cannot stand in the way of friendship between China and the UK"

After the this sentence, the whole auditarium stood up and applaud for him!!!

Irony is it?

So what's up with Leaders and Shoe? Who knows?
Maybe Malaysia will have this fate too!!! When will the time comes...

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Anonymous said...

no shoes heard of yet. but chairs have been crossed off in the list already. we had such similar chair-throwing incidents few years back :)