Monday, February 9, 2009

Neoclassical genre: My current fav!!!

I've been scrolling down the net for some new songs. Then I found one artist: Kanon Wakeshima.

OK... Go on call me anime FREAK!!! But I can't stop watching it... Anyway, I check the type of song she sings... It's Neoclassical.

What is it? A new term for me. It contains some elements of darkness... However, it is not like those in Black Metal. Instead, it is classical. The combination of Darkness and Classical Music. Mostly involve Cello and Violin.

It is important for this type of music to create an eerie feeling when you listen to it. Your hair really stand at it's end, yet it is a wonderful melody to be heard.

Kanon Wakeshima is one of those artist that perform Neoclassical music. Although in Japanese, but her effects towards listener (me) is huge!!!

If you have time, find her song Still Doll, and Sunna no Oshiro. Give a taste for the wierd kind of music... You'll find it... Disturbing yet intresting!!!

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woon said...

Kanon Wakeshima ??
ok...let's me go listen her song and c..